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DOJ Drops Hillary Investigation

Hillary Clinton appears to have more lives than a cat.

The Justice Department has reportedly wound up its investigations into her business dealings.

Somehow, the DOJ stated it did not find enough evidence to pursue an indictment.

Two Years and Nothing

The investigation was first started in November 2017.

U.S. Attorney John Huber was put in charge of the investigation and he reportedly came up empty.

Well, not exactly empty, but the DOJ is not going to pursue the case any further.

In the purview of this case was the allegations of pay-to-play for the Clinton Foundation.

Based on what we know, there was clearly something hokey going on.

Major donations were made to the foundation from people that needed to have access to the White House.

Additionally, many of these donors were paying huge speaking fees to Bill Clinton.

Now that Hillary no longer has any influence in the White House, all of those donations have dried up.

There are reports stating the foundation is now getting less than 10 percent of what it was drawing when Hillary was in office.

Questionable Appointment

Now the debate will be whether or not this investigation was tainted from the start.

Huber is a respected attorney, but he had done work for Barack Obama before.

This was an appointment that was made by Jeff Sessions, one of his many questionable decisions that always seemed to be made so as not to create waves rather than truly seeking justice.

He should have chosen someone that had no ties to either administration rather than someone that was already cozy with Obama officials.

Additionally, there has been some scrutiny as to the depth he was willing to go, especially compared to Robert Mueller and his investigation.

Huber was also tasked with the shady dealings with Uranium One, and apparently came up empty there as well, even though there is a ton of evidence in public that has everyone shaking their head as to how this could not be considered criminal activity.

If I have a criticism of Barr, it is that he has failed to aggressively go after former administration and law enforcement officials at the top of the chain.

They have had Hillary in their sites on numerous occasions, yet she is still walking free.

From the IG investigation into the FBI’s Russian investigation, we know without a doubt Comey lied, McCabe lied, and the FISA process was deeply abused, yet nobody is in a jumpsuit yet.

Until Barr addresses these situations, even though he has helped Trump fight off the deep state, we still have to question why he simply refuses to put a big name on trial for their obvious crimes.

Source: CNN

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