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Donald Trump Jr. Slams Media Over Obvious ‘Double Standard’

We have all been waiting for someone from the Trump camp to step up and call out the media reporting, or lack of reporting, on the Biden Ukraine business deals.

Well, the person to finally step up and address it was probably the most relevant person that could do so in Donald Trump Jr., and he pulled no punches at all.

The Double Standard

Donald Trump Jr. is upset over the treatment Hunter Biden is getting by the media and he has every right to be.

There is zero scrutiny being paid to Hunter Biden right now, or even his father, for that matter, over their dealings in Ukraine.

One pundit even dismissed it by saying this was something we would expect to hear about Donald Trump Jr.!

To that point, if it was Trump Jr., the media would be all over this, tearing his life apart, as we saw them do over the infamous phone call and meeting that took place during the election season.

Jr. stated, “You know, the double standard is pretty sick, Brian. I’ve talked about it for a long time. We can play one way or we can play another way, but we’ve got to be playing the same game.”

“The reality is this: If Donald Trump Jr. flew on Air Force One with my father, the president, to China and came back with $1.5 dollars — not $1.5 billion, just $1.5 dollars — we’d solve the fake news media problem because their heads would explode.

“If Donald Trump Jr. had a no-show gig on a corrupt Ukrainian oil company while my father was in charge of the issues over there… minor details. I’ve never been in energy or oil. Minor details. I don’t speak Ukrainian.

“You think the press would have a problem with that, Brian?”

“I had the media camped out in front of my apartment for two years.

“They don’t even try to find this guy to even get a comment.

“It’s not fair. It’s not a level playing field. And, so we have to fight fact accordingly.”

The media, for some reason, is excusing everything that happened simply because Joe Biden did not directly benefit from any of it. Really? So there is nothing wrong with making your son rich from your contacts as long as that money is not going directly into your own pocket?

Hunter Biden has lived a charmed life and he has done everything in his power to piss it all away.

How many drug addicts to you know that would be given a double-waiver for a Naval enlistment as an officer?

How many inexperienced business people do you know that would be put on the board of a foreign country’s energy company getting paid $50,000 per month with ZERO experience in the field?

How many people do you know that could secure a billion-dollar investment from Chinese investors?

Well, Hunter Biden got all of that during the time his father was the Vice President and point man for the administration in China and Ukraine.

The LA Times today posted an article titled, “Trump’s children take in millions overseas as president slams Biden’s son.”

The headline is truthful but also misleading.

The reason the Trump children are taking in millions overseas is that, unlike Hunter Biden, they had existing business ventures BEFORE Donald Trump ever took office.

Was the Trump business entity supposed to stop functioning simply because Donald Trump became president? Of course not!

The article is a blistering anti-Trump report, criticizing the Trump’s for continuing to run their business while not calling into question for a second what Hunter Biden did.

It just doesn’t seem to matter what anyone else does wrong because somehow, some way, the liberal media finds a way to pin it on Trump.

Now, we have a president in danger of being impeached for the misdeeds of a corrupt vice president and his drug-addicted son.

Please, tell me, just how is that fair by any standard?

Sources: Fox News / LA Times

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