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Donald Trump Links Obama Administration to Iranian Missile Attack

President Donald Trump just dropped a massive truth bomb on Democrats.

During his address to the nation, Trump stated the unfortunate reality that the missiles used were very likely paid for with the money given to Iran by the Obama administration…

Paying Off Iran

There is a massive difference in how this president and the last president have dealt with Iran.

When Obama was in office, he went on a worldwide apology tour.

Obama treated the Middle East with kid gloves.

The epitome of that being pallets of cash being filmed on the runway as they were headed to Iran.

It stands to reason that the massive influx of cash that Obama gave the terrorist nation was very likely used to bolster its defense capabilities.

To Trump’s point, Obama has helped finance the attacks being carried out against our troops.

Holding Iran Accountable

Rather than capitulate to Iran, Trump has decided to crush its economy to bring them to the table to create a legitimate peace deal.

Unlike Obama, Trump drew a line in the sand and stuck to it.

When an American was killed and our embassy was attacked, Trump took out a top Iranian general who also happened to be the leader of a recognized terrorist organization.

Rather than back the President, Democrats have decided to criticize him for the move and make Soleimani sound like a humanitarian rather than the terrorist he really was.

For all we know, the intelligence that was presented to Trump was the next 9/11 and the killing of Soleimani prevented that from happening.

Iran got to save face by carrying out a missile strike that did not really hit anything of value.

They want us out of the Middle East and we want to be out of the Middle East.

Even though they are posturing, the backchannel reports are that Iran is standing down and they want a deal as soon as possible to save their economy.

After four decades of war, Trump may finally be able to bring all of this to a conclusion, something no recent president has come close to doing.

Yet, Democrats are still taking shots at him… simply because they were not the ones able to make this happen.

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