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Donald Trump Sends Message to Immigrants Complaining About Detention Facilities

Over the last few weeks, the conditions at the border facilities have been all the rage.

Trump has been fairly quiet about it, but that all changed this week in a big way.

President Trump sent out several tweets calling out both the illegal immigrants for continuing to flood the border as well as Democrats for refusing to work with the administration.

Stop Coming

Trump has taken much the same tack as his conservative supporter.

These facilities were built to handle a limited number of people at a single time.

The massive influx of immigrants crossing the border has but these detention centers to full capacity and beyond.

Trump stated there is a very simple solution to the problem… stop coming!

Time to Come to the Table

The fact of the matter is these facilities only have so many staff members assigned to them.

With the numbers they are seeing, there is simply no way the medical staff can attend to all these people in a timely manner.

If Democrats are really that worried about the situation, why are they not coming to the table to work with this administration to solve this issue?

If liberals are this upset, why are we not seeing more medical volunteers head to detention centers to help provide medical care?

The reason is a simple one and one that I have stated here before on several occasions.

Democrats and liberals really don’t want this problem to be solved.

The worse it gets, in their minds, the more pressure they can put on Trump to cave to their demands.

That, however, does not seem to be in the cards as far as Trump is concerned.

He seems pretty content to take the heat that is being dished out in order to get this issue solved the right way rather than keep kicking the can down the road.

The fact more than 70 percent of Democrats now recognize a border crisis (compared to less than 25 percent in January) is proof that most of our elected representatives are finally starting to see the big picture.

How the vote went for the humanitarian aid is also proof this is working.

On the other side of the coin is the fact Trump gave Democrats extra time to come up with legislation, but nothing has happened in Congress at all on that front.

Trump already stated if nothing happened, he would start with deportations after the holiday.

Well, Independence Day has come and gone, so let the deportations begin!

Source: The Blaze

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