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Dozens Arrested by Federal Authorities in Houston, TX Immigration Marriage Scam

The crisis at the southern border is not the only problem this county has with illegal immigration.

Earlier this week, a massive marriage scam to bring illegals into this country was broken up in Houston, TX, with dozens of people being arrested and roughly 100 people facing indictment. 

The Scam

According to reports, the ringleader of the scam is Ashley Yen Nguyen.

The scam was being run out of the Houston area.

Marriages were being arranged on a financial basis to circumvent U.S. immigration laws.

The cost of these marriages ranged anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000, according to investigators.

For their money, the individuals would be set up with a spouse, who would also receive a cut of the money.

Investigators also stated those participating could end up paying even more money for additional U.S. benefits received.

The group running the scam additionally would set up their clients with all the paperwork they needed in order to get through the immigration process.

Reports stated that roughly 100 people were named in the indictment and authorities already have about 50 of those individuals in custody.

The indictment stated, “The spouses do not live together and do not intend to live together, contrary to documents and statements submitted to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

“The spouses only meet briefly, immediately before they obtain their marriage license, or not at all.”

The individuals indicted are being charged with marriage fraud, mail fraud, and witness tampering.

If convicted, they will face up to 30 years in jail.

Source: KHOU*11

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