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Epic Toilet Paper Panic Compilation

Okay, so things have been pretty serious here for the last few days, so I figured it was time to lighten things up a little bit.

What better way than to watch the battles going on by people panic buying toilet paper, right?

WWE Would Be Proud

I, like most of you, have not indulged in panic buying.

I have plenty of cleaning supplies in my house and my toilet paper is on a subscription from Amazon.

I get a case about every four months, so I do not need to fight over a few rolls at the grocery store or local shopping club, unlike far too many people today.

The man in this video has the right spirit and it is one of the more amusing interviews I have heard yet…

I wish I would have considered using toilet paper to barter before I gave a pack to a friend that had run out and was unable to buy any at our local Kroger!

This, sadly, is a scene we are more likely to see play out again and again…

I have a brother that works at a grocery store, and he has confirmed the scenario below plays out time and time again, as they are often unable to get the product to the shelf before it is gone…

And this one is just shameful. A younger woman has a cart full of toilet paper and she is ready to go to blows with an elderly woman for taking one pack…

People really need to dial down the crazy but based on the media narrative and the fact presidential candidates are lying through their teeth about what is going on, I don’t see this stopping anytime soon.

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