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ESPN’s Max Kellerman Blames ‘Extremist Right-Wing Agitators’ for Rioting

How Max Kellerman is still on TV let alone one of the featured stars of ESPN is a baffling mystery.

He is typical of white liberals that bend over backward to prove they are woke, but his most recent statements must be examined to show how much garbage he is trying to feed to ESPN viewers.

Sports and Politics Don’t Mix

Kellerman is about as far left as anyone can be.

The nature of sports and politics make it all but impossible not to mix the two right now, but it would be helpful if someone like Kellerman was actually telling the truth.

In the space of a few weeks, he has accused southerners of being “immune to the facts” and blamed the rioting on “extremist right-wing agitators.”

So, before we break him down, listen to this nonsense…

I really want to concentrate on the rioting aspect of his comments.

At one point, he stated that 93 percent of the riots were peaceful.

I am just curious if he realizes that the seven percent he is defending resulted in more than $1 billion in damage around the country.

By his argument, 51 percent of rioting could be peaceful and these events could still be described as “mostly peaceful” protests.

Secondly, he claims the right-wing is responsible for all the unrest and rioting, but he fails to provide facts that would even make that remotely true.

The reality is that most of the arrests we have seen have been ANTIFA and BLM supporters, NOT right-wing extremists, as he claims.

Yet, nobody fact-checks him and he is allowed to spew this rhetoric on-air and poison the minds of viewers.

It is nonsense like this why I have not watched ESPN talk shows in years and probably never will again.

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