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Father Helps Police Avert Possible Mass Shooting in Fort Worth

Texas may have been on the brink of yet another mass shooting, but “see something say something” worked.

According to local reports, a father called Fort Worth police after his 27-year-old son told him he was going to kill “many people.”

See Something, Say Something

It cannot be easy for a father to turn in his own son.

However, turning your son over to the police pales in comparison to the thought of having to live with the deaths of dozens of innocents by simply staying quiet.

Thankfully, this father, who has not been identified, called the police after his son made it very clear he wanted to go on a killing spree similar to that of Odessa and Midland, TX.

After the Fort Worth Police Department was notified of the situation, they found out the man had withdrawn almost $700 to buy guns.

When he went to the local gun shops to get the weapons, he was declined because he failed the background checks.

He then tried to buy an illegal gun off the street, but police caught up to him before he was able to make a purchase.

When the Fort Worth Crisis Intervention Team found him, he was west of Downtown Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Police Officer Buddy Calzada stated, “The great part is that somebody, which would be the father in this case, was able to reach out to police with valid information and we were able to do something very significant.”

Mental Health Issues

After the last mass shootings, President Trump stressed the need for institutionalizing people with mental health problems to help address this issue.

In this case, it may have prevented the beginnings of what could have been another horrific event in Texas.

While not identifying the man, the police said it was not the first incident they have had with the suspect and that he has been diagnosed with several mental health conditions.

He is reportedly receiving treatment from a local clinic.

Source: NBC DFW News 5

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