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FBI Incompetence Revealed in DOJ Audit

What is going on with the FBI?

That is the questions millions are asking right now after a Department of Justice audit revealed the agency lost track of more than five dozen foreign nationals it had allowed into the country to assist in cases.

Slipping Away

Agencies bringing in foreign nationals to assist in prosecuting cases is nothing new.

These individuals are usually premium sources of information, often unveiling minute details of criminal operations unavailable anywhere else.

However, these individuals are usually criminals themselves, sometimes very dangerous ones, so they are not exactly people you want to lose track of after they have entered the country.

Former FBI Assistant Director and United States Attorney Greg Brower stated, “Granting entry for critical witnesses and informants can be very important to investigators, particular in major drug trafficking and national security cases.

“However, since these individuals are often associated with crime, DOJ component agencies cannot simply lose track of them.”

That is exactly what happened though.

When the Office of the Inspector General conducted its audit, it found that 61 foreign nationals have managed to slip away from the FBI.

What is even more bothersome is the agency only reported 32 of the disappearances to the Department of Homeland Security.

DHS should have been notified immediately and on all cases because the responsibility of finding and removing these individuals falls under that agencies prevail in cases such as this.

Dismissing the Problem

Shockingly, there are those that are more or less shrugging this off as business as usual.

Jennifer Rodgers, a CNN legal analyst and former federal prosecutor, stated, “Losing track of informants and witnesses is obviously a serious problem that needs to be fixed, but the report also makes it clear that recipients were thoroughly vetted by investigators before being permitted into the country.

“Truly dangerous people would never have been allowed in using these tools.”

One cannot help but wonder how Rodgers defines “truly dangerous.”

This is sadly yet another example of how far what was once one of the most feared law enforcement agencies in the entire world has fallen under the leadership of James Comey and his underlings.

Source: CNN

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