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Former Clinton Adviser Says Cuomo Postponed Primary to Steal Democrat Nomination

Dick Morris is a former adviser to former President Bill Clinton.

Since his days as Clinton’s right-hand man, he has turned into a media hack that will pitch any conspiracy theory he can to gain notoriety, and he is doing it again.

According to Morris, New York Governor Cuomo had delayed his own state’s primary solely to try to steal the nomination away from Joe Biden.

Morris’ Claim

Morris made his claim while appearing on John Catsimatidis’ radio show on Sunday.

He stated, “It is perfectly possible for Cuomo to replace Biden as the nominee.

“Biden has at the moment about 1,200 delegates, but you need 1,900 to win the nomination.

“And most of the states have postponed their primaries.

“New York, with over 200 delegates, has postponed its primary until June 23, the last in the country. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

“I think Cuomo may have postponed it so that he would increase his chances.

“You could have a write-in movement for Cuomo.”

Why It’s All Bullsh**

The fact that people are putting a camera or microphone in front of Morris is a disgrace, so let me tell you why his entire theory is nonsense.

First and foremost, Cuomo has missed the deadline to file to run for election, so, as Morris stated, he would have to run from this point forward as a write-in candidate.

The assumption a write-in candidate can win enough votes to derail Biden at this point is ludicrous.

That would lead us to Sanders staying in the election long enough, along with Cuomo as a write-in candidate, to win enough of the remaining delegates to force a brokered convention.

At 1,217 delegates, Joe Biden needs less than half of the remaining delegates on the board, and he is leading in virtually every state poll for the Democrat primary right now, so I feel pretty safe saying Biden winning the nomination is a gimme, but let’s pretend that does not happen.

If we get to a brokered convention, the superdelegates get released, then, based on each state’s election rules, delegates can gradually be released to whomever they want to vote for.

Does anyone in this country believe that an election could be handed to a candidate that was not even in the race?

Keep in mind, Morris also said the same thing about Hillary Clinton.

In late February, he was pitching a theory that Bloomberg would win enough delegates to force a brokered convention, then Hillary would eventually be named as the nominee

Morris is a hack, an influential hack, but a hack nonetheless. He is one of those people that will make 99 out of 100 wrong predictions but when he finally stumbles onto something and gets one right, you will never hear the end of it.

There is also the small fact that Cuomo has already gone on record saying he is NOT even considering a White House run and with Biden having already committed to a female VP on the ticket, Cuomo will not even be on the ticket, let alone the Democrat presidential nominee.

Sources: Washington Examiner, Bloomberg, Baltimore Jewish Life, MRC TV

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