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Former CNN Journalist Calls Trump Supporters ‘Trash’

There are two measuring sticks in this country right now for what is acceptable and what is considered a racist statement.

Soledad O’Brien, formerly of CNN and now a broadcast journalist for Hearst Television, referred to Trump supporters at the recent rally in Minneapolis as “trash.”

Not Deemed Offensive?

Earlier this year, my Facebook account was suspended for describing a Bette Midler poem in a similar fashion.

I did not characterize Midler or any liberal in that fashion, just the tone of her poem due to its raw nature when addressing our First Lady and President.

O’Brien, however, has clearly taken this to a new level, calling rallygoers in Minneapolis “trash” simply because they support Trump and want immigration brought under control.

As of this morning, O’Brien’s Twitter account was still active and no penalty in sight.

This would be bad enough if she was just a normal citizen, but she is an influential journalist that has a voice that reaches millions.

In addition to calling Trump supporters trash, she also called Trump a “racist and a bigot.”

There is no proof of that, mind you, only Trump’s desire to control the out-of-control immigration problem, of which the citizens of Minnesota are very familiar, as the city is inundated with refugees.

Where is the Line?

We have seen conservative journalists suspended and/or fired for making less inflammatory comments about liberals and/or Democrats.

That standard does not exist for liberals, though.

Remember the Saturday Night Live skit where one of the anchors on the mock news update called Trump a “cracker”?

Imagine Tucker Carlson making a like-comment about rallygoers at an Elizabeth Warren rally.

Look at how Judge Jeanine was suspended for merely questioning the loyalty of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) due to the way she dresses… how was that wrong and O’Brien calling Trump supporters “trash” okay?

There is a massive double standard in this country right now and it is creating unrest that is bound to boil over at some point.

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