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Former FBI Director James Comey Fires Attack at Trump

Well, it would appear as though we have the next battle plan for the Deep State.

During an interview with Lester Holt on NBC Nightly News, former FBI Director James Comey accused President Trump of possible obstruction of justice.

Yesterday’s News

The fact that media outlets are going to Comey for interviews is about as slimy as it gets.

Comey is yesterday’s news and all anyone should be talking to him about is how he manipulated the investigation.

Instead, they are using him to start a fire burning about obstruction of justice.

When Holt asked Comey about his firing, Comey stated, “I thought that’s potentially obstruction of justice and I hope somebody is going to look at that.”

The problem, though, is Comey was not fired over the Russian investigation per se.

He was fired for leaks in the FBI and his inability to effectively lead the agency, at least in the eyes of President Trump.

Comey also went on to attack Trump over his effort to “destroy” the FBI.

Trump never set out to destroy the FBI, just to unearth people like Comey that were working for the agency and carrying out their duties with a personal agenda.

Knowing what we know now, how can anyone deny Comey had an agenda during his investigation into Hillary as well as when he went after the FISA warrants?

The Media Spin

If the mainstream media were honest, which it is not, it would be asking Comey hard-hitting questions about the FISA warrants that were obtained with the Steele Dossier.

They would be asking him why he was writing a letter exonerating Hillary Clinton months before her investigation was finalized.

The media would be asking him why it seems as though this agency was looking for ways to not find Hillary guilty rather than actually seeking justice.

Instead, they are giving a proven liar and a member of the Deep State a platform to spew more lies and rhetoric against Trump.

There was no obstruction, Mr. Comey, because there was no crime, at least not by Trump.

Furthermore, it was not Trump that tried to destroy the FBI, it was you, sir, by your immoral and illegal actions.

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