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Former U.S. Attorney Warns Impeachment Effort by Dems is Far from Over

If you think the impeachment is going to be over on Wednesday or Thursday when the Senate takes it acquittal vote, think again.

Several Democrats have already come forward to say they will continue to go after Trump, a point Fox News contributor and former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy made during a recent appearance on Fox News…

Far from Over

McCarthy is right and it is a point I have made her numerous times already.

Dems laid the groundwork for a possible second House impeachment months ago, a point that was recently reiterated by Maxine Waters.

Here’s the thing…

Democrats have charged Trump with obstruction of Congress, which is a completely bullsh** charge because they have not allowed court cases to play out for the documents requested.

Every Democrat that could get ahold of a microphone called Trump’s removal from office the most urgent of matters… that it could not wait for these cases to come to their final judgment.

Well, over the next six months or so, several of these cases will finally get to the Supreme Court.

If these cases are ruled in the favor of Democrats, they plan on doing another round of impeachment for whatever they think they will find.

Maxine Waters did not hide that fact during a recent interview on MSNBC.

Waters stated, “The subpoenas that I have issued that’s gone through the lower courts are now going to be heard at the Supreme Court in March.”

She further stated, “We will not stop.

“Whether or not that leads to another impeachment activity, I don’t know.

“But I know we must continue with the work that our constituents have elected us to come to Congress to do.”

My belief has always been that as long as Democrats are in charge of the House, they are going to continue to throw as much sh** up against the wall as they can until they can find something that will stick.

They have failed miserably thus far, but they have no intention of stopping because they still refuse to accept the outcome of the 2016 election and if Trump wins in 2020, they are not going to accept that either.

There is only one way we stop this… pull every red handle on the ballot to ensure Republicans take the House back and keep the Senate so our government can finally get back to doing its job.

Source: Daily Wire

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