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Fox News’ Chris Wallace Accuses Dems of Political ‘Stunt’

Once again, Fox News’ Chris Wallace has switched gears to land a shot right across the bow of the Democrat party.

After Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and company decided they wanted staff members to question Barr during his scheduled hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Wallace accused them of using a political “stunt” to go after Barr.

If You Can’t Win Fair…

Democrats are clearly reeling right now.

Barr went before the Senate and took everything the Democrats had and threw it right back in their face.

He sat in that seat and treated them with the same disrespect they were showing him during questioning.

To put it bluntly, they were outmatched.

Nadler and company saw this and did not want to be likewise embarrassed, so they decided to hire some big dogs in the legal world to handle their questioning for them.

There were two problems with that move, though.

First, it is unprecedented for a sitting Attorney General to go before a congressional committee and be questioned by anyone other than members of Congress.

Secondly, Barr was not going to stand for it.

Vice President Pence stated, “Members of the Judiciary Committee and elected members of Congress ought to be able to do their job.

“I served on the Judiciary Committee for 11 years.

“I can recall no occasion where lawyers for the majority or the minority questioned a member of a president’s cabinet under either party.”

Political Stunt

That move did not go unnoticed by Wallace.

He stated, “This is Bill Barr, who was doing nothing but talking about a report which he read which he had nothing to do with.

“So, the idea that you would need to get counsel to drill down on the Mueller report with the Attorney General who just received the report and forwarded it on to Congress, I have to say, it does sound and seem and look like a bit of a stunt.”

As I have stated many times, this is political theater.

The Dems knew Barr would not stand for this, which is why they did it.

They wanted him to snub them so they could create a negative headline about both Barr and the administration.

Then, they proved me right by that ridiculous hearing that was held with a bucket of KFC and a chicken statue that was put in place of William Barr.

Simply put, Democrats are playing games while Republicans are trying to get this country back on track.

There is one word that describes this entire week for the Democrats… outmatched.

Source: Fox News

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