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Fox News’ Ingraham Reveals Leaked Emails Showing Whistleblower Tied to Obama’s White House Burisma Meeting

For months now, there have been accusations that the alleged Ukraine whistleblower is part of a deep state trying to oust Trump from office.

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham did a recent investigation that at the very least, deserves a deep and hard look at the Obama administration and its conduct regarding Hunter Biden, Burisma, and a possible coverup by the administration.

The Bread Crumb Trail

So, let’s backtrack to the alleged whistleblower.

If assumptions are correct, the whistleblower is a former national security staffer who worked in the Trump administration during its early days as an Obama holdover.

Real Clear Investigations just this week released an explosive report revealing this individual as well as a close friend were overheard by other staffers plotting against Trump literally from this first day in office.

If the timeline of events holds true, the “friend” went to work for Schiff House Intelligence Committee last July.

The whistleblower then filed his complaint in August, then the complaint was made public by Schiff in September.

That is a lot of coincidences to overlook.

Now, let’s go back to the Obama days when the whistleblower was an Obama staffer.

The Ingraham report states that in January 2016, there was a meeting at the White House with administration officials and numerous Ukraine officials specifically to discuss Hunter Biden’s role with Burisma and the possible conflicts it posed.

Regarding that meeting, New York Times journalist Ken Vogel sent an email in May 2019 to the State Department, stating, “We are going to report that [State Department official] Elizabeth Zentos attended a meeting at the White House on 1/19/2016 with Ukrainian prosecutors and embassy officials as well as … [redacted] from the NSC … The subjects discussed included efforts within the United State government to support prosecutions, in Ukraine and the United Kingdom, of Burisma Holdings … and concerns that Hunter Biden’s position with the company could complicate such efforts.”

Ingraham then researched the visitor logs from the Obama administration only to find all of those Ukraine officials were checked into the White House by the alleged whistleblower, who, at the time, was serving as the Ukraine Director on the National Security Council.

Vogel never published his story and all of this information got buried, but why?

When Vogel and the New York Times were contacted about the story, Vogel did not comment and the New York Times told her Vogel’s actions were “consistent with the paper’s news-gathering process.”

What is important to realize here is that only a week prior, Joe Biden announced his candidacy, so there is the obvious question of pressure being applied to the New York Times to drop the story so as not to hurt Joe Biden.

Also, keep in mind Joe Biden denied any knowledge or conflicts about his son’s business dealings, but this meeting and the correlating emails uncovered by Ingraham prove that not to be the case.

This was clearly something the White House was worried about at the time, and for good reason.

Vogel has continued to cover this angle, but the juicy report mentioned above has yet to surface, although Vogel has stated publicly that there is “more to be told” on this.

If we now fast-forward to today an everything we know, this looks like the complaint was not only to oust Trump but also a way of protecting the dirty secret the Obama White House knew about Hunter Biden and Burisma.

Oh, patriots, we are just getting started. I am telling you, if we keep digging, there is a cesspool of corruption that Joe Biden soaks his feet in every day… and we are going to uncover it all!

Source: Washington Examiner

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