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Fox News’ Juan Williams Takes Shot at AOC ‘Fury’

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D.N.Y.) took a light slap in the face from a very unsuspected source this week.

Fox News’ liberal “The Five” panel member Juan Williams more or less accused her of working on emotion rather than fact, saying her “fury” is actually driving her actions against Trump.

Strategy Vs. Emotion

The panel was breaking down the most recent talk of impeachment in the Democrat party.

AOC got into a Twitter battle with Trump and told him she wanted him impeached.

This, of course, got picked up by all the major media outlets, polls were conducted, etc.

As that talk ramped up again, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was trying to put out the impeachment fire.

You see, Pelosi doesn’t really want to impeach Trump, she just wants to continue to push this narrative.

By doing so, she gets the benefit of the accusation without actually having to prove anything, something we all know she cannot actually do.

Pelosi knows she doesn’t even have the support in the House right now, let alone the Republican-run Senate.

AOC, however, is giving into emotion, acting like a petulant child that was just told she could not have ice cream because it was almost bedtime.

Calm Down

Williams all but accused AOC of just that during a panel discussion on “The Five.”

Williams stated, “There is a big difference between impeaching President Trump and removing him from office.

“And I sometimes think when I hear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speak, it’s out of just, like, a fury at Trump.

Jesse Watters then chimed in, pointing to the fact that most of America have moved on from this narrative, but the media simply will not let it go.

He stated, “The whole news cycle is driven by impeachment through the press.

“The press wants to book Democrats who want to impeach the president.

“They invite them on, they say ‘impeach’ and then they do a segment on it.”

“Then the media runs a poll on impeachment and then they do a segment on the poll.

“Then the media asks Donald Trump about impeachment. He says it, they do a segment.

“They ask the Democrats running for president about impeachment and then they do a segment.

“It’s this self-perpetuating news cycle about impeachment but it’s in a bubble.

“The rest of the country is like, ‘I am going to get a beer on the porch. I don’t care anymore,'”

You can watch the full segment below…

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