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Fox News’ Lou Dobbs Goes Over the Line with U.S. Generals

Lou Dobbs has always backed Donald Trump, but he took things a bit too far going after our generals who did not want to attend the Independence Day celebration on the National Mall.

After most of the generals leading our branches of service declined their invitations to be on stage with Trump, Dobbs accused them of being “snowflakes.”

Going Way Too Far

Personally, I have never been a fan of Lou Dobbs because I think he pushes too many conspiracy theories.

That aside, calling our generals snowflakes and doing so in a way that also insults every man and woman that has served since 1991 is taking things way too far.

First and foremost, Dobbs has never served this country in uniform.

Anyone brandishing that kind of criticism against our military could have at least worn the uniform before slinging mud.

Secondly, to go after the generals is one thing, but that tweet disrespects everyone that has put on a uniform over the last three decades.

Protecting Their Careers

This was not an insult to President Trump but every bit about protecting their own careers.

The left made it known they were looking for reasons to go after any military member on that stage based on what they thought Trump’s speech was going to be about.

Most liberals thought Trump would turn the day into a political rally.

We now know Trump’s speech was all about saluting the military, but the left was looking for a reason to call out violations of the Hatch Act.

Jordan Libowitz, who serves as the Communications Director for the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has already stated, “If they come to stand next to him for a political speech while in uniform, representing the military, it could become a problem.”

Remember the fiasco when Trump visited the troops over the Christmas holiday?

Remember how the left wanted to go after our troops for having Trump sign their MAGA hats while they were in uniform?

Per the Hatch Act, it is illegal for any member of our military to engage in political activity while in uniform.

So, if Trump had made the speech political rather than the bipartisan speech it was, the left would have pounced on these generals and made their lives miserable.

In this case, Dobbs was no better than the idiots on the left waiting in the wings to try to hurt these generals.

Nothing less than an apology to our military leaders and the men and women who have served since 1991 will be acceptable.

Source: Daily Mail

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