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Fox News’ Sean Hannity Calls for Impeachment of Trump

The time has come for Democrats to put up or shut up, so Hannity is inviting them to follow up on their threats to impeach Trump.

Hannity blasted Democrats, stating, “Without a doubt the radical extreme democratic socialist party, they are clamoring for impeachment more than ever before.

“Here is my message to them tonight: Go for it, go for it. I want you to reach for the stars.”

We Dare You

Hannity is offering the same challenge to Democrats I presented to them earlier this week.

You can only sit by for so long and hear people cry about wrongdoings and a constitutional crisis without demanding they actually take action.

This has been going on for two years and it is time to move forward with impeachment to make your case or move on.

Democrats, though, at least as long as Pelosi is in charge of the House, are not likely to move forward because they know they can’t win.

On this, Hannity stated, “I’m going to enjoy watching you dig the hole deeper every day.”

Emotions v. Facts

Emotions are running very high in the Democrat party right now, further ignited by the statements made by Robert Mueller yesterday.

The New Breed are all demanding impeachment, seeing any justification they needed in Mueller’s words.

Democrat presidential candidates are now aboard the impeachment train, with virtually all of them demanding Trump’s impeachment yesterday.

Pelosi, however, is refusing to give in.

She won’t do it because the fact is, Democrats don’t have a case.

Yesterday, Democrats heard what they wanted to hear rather than the actual facts.

And the fact is, Mueller did not have enough evidence to indict Trump.

There is also the fact that not all Democrats are behind impeaching Trump on such a weak case.

Furthermore, people like Pelosi know that what comes around, goes around.

Eventually, a Democrat will get back into the White House and rest assured, Republicans are going to go after that person every which way they can to payback Dems for what they are doing to Trump.

I, like Hannity, am already on record saying I want them to move forward for the same reasons Hannity mentioned on his show.

The moment Pelosi allows her party to move forward on impeachment is the moment she hands the 2020 elections to the Republican party and Donald Trump.

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