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Frank Biden Attends Mayweather Birthday Blowout… COVID Restrictions Be Damned!

Boxer Floyd Mayweather had a massive birthday bash recently and somehow, Frank Biden managed to get on the guest list.

As Joe Biden’s brother, we would hope that he would be setting an example, but that was far from the case.

Biden was seen taking pictures sans mask and the photos and videos from the party having everyone questioning how this party even happened in the first place.

What Social Distancing?

Here is a video of the party where you can clearly see social distancing and masks were hardly a concern…

Frank Biden was photographed several times, never wearing a mask (Click here to see the photos on Page Six).

When the pictures went viral, a source told Page Six, “Individually, there were COVID-19 checks for each person ahead of time.

“People that were traveling were asked to be tested and travel safely.

“People were also handed ‘TMT’ branded masks upon entry to the event.”

To me, that is irrelevant, however, because Frank’s brother is living in the White House and he surely should not be thumbing his nose at COVID restrictions, especially at a gathering that literally breaks every rule in place.

So, once again, while we are told we can’t travel, we can’t have parties, and we can’t even go out to eat in many cities, while Democrats, including Joe Biden’s brother, do whatever the hell they want.

Sources: Breitbart & Page Six

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