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General Mattis Blasted Trump Foreign Policy, Never Revealed Ties to China

General Mattis is one of the most respected generals of our time, but he had been a disaster as Trump’s Secretary of Defense.

It has been far worse after Mattis left the administration, but now we are starting to get some idea as to why.

The Cohen Group

Mattis was very vocal about leaving the administration and has since blasted Trump’s America First policy, most recently in a scathing article.

Well, as it turns out, Mattis is employed by The Cohen Group, which was founded by former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, someone that is deeply entrenched in the swamp.

The group has significant financial ties to China, which starts to make things very clear.

My take on this is that Mattis is trying to protect his future wealth by ensuring the United States plays patsy to China again.

Sadly, we just can’t take anyone at their word anymore because they are all looking out for number one instead of We the People.

Even more worrisome, however, is how many former high-ranking American officials are more interested in looking out for Chinese interests than those of the United States.

You can read more about this report in Just the News.

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