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Georgia Judge Orders Voting Machine Reboots Halted

Dominion Voting Systems is quickly becoming a household name for being linked to voting software that has possibly corrupted this election.

Georgia is one of the states that used this software, and a rather stunning series of events has given more hope to the Trump campaign that it can still turn this election around.

Early Sunday afternoon, a story broke about an order given by a judge to impound the voting machines used…

That order, however, was soon rescinded, dealing what the Trump campaign thought would be a crippling blow…

Late Sunday night, however, that all changed again, with the judge issuing a third order, which would impound the machines…

The only problem, however, was that some election officials had already started to wipe the machines, of course, so the data on those particular machines is more than likely inaccessible.

Take note, they did this even know the state has open investigations into the election the electoral college has not formally announced a president-elect.

Now, that does not sound too fishy, does it?

You can read more about this report on Conservative Journal Review.

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