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Geraldo Slams Dems Over ‘Grotesquely Unfair’ Impeachment Inquiry

Democrat leadership once maintained they would only go forward with an impeachment if it was bipartisan.

In a very partisan vote, Democrats approved the impeachment inquiry, something Geraldo says could inspire a new Tea Party-like movement in this country.

Always the Plan

Geraldo is no fan of Trump, which makes his words all the more meaningful.

This is a man that openly supported Hillary during the 2016 election, who is a huge fan of AOC, and now he is actually sticking up for Trump.

Geraldo stated, “The Speaker of the House, the Democrats have crafted an impeachment which is inherently divisive and made it so very unfair as to enrage Republicans and other fair-minded people.

“It is so deeply and fundamentally unfair, I predict it will lead to the kind of Tea Party uprising we saw in 2009 and 2010.

“It will divide this country along partisan lines in a way we have heretofore never seen and I do not believe it will result in justice.”

This is virtually the only thing Democrats have focused on since Trump won, and Americans are starting to grow tired of it.

Not Bipartisan at All

To show you just how partisan the process has been, look no further than the vote that was taken on Thursday.

Not a single Republican voted in favor of the impeachment inquiry.

In fact, two Democrats voted against it!

The House Speaker will generally refrain from such a vote unless a tie needs to broken, but Nancy Pelosi was among those voting in favor of the impeachment.

Now, that does not exactly sound like a bipartisan movement to me.

Geraldo is right… we have a “fractured House” and the only ones that can put it back together are We the People.

When election day rolls around, it is time to show up in numbers and oust the obstructionists from office so we can continue to move this country forward and get it out of the never-ending quicksand we are currently stuck in.

Source: Fox News

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