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Newt Gingrich Uncovered the ‘Secret Purpose’ of Pelosi’s $3T Stimulus Bill

On Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pushed through one of the most partisan pieces of legislation we have ever seen in terms of funding during a crisis.

The bill has baffled most, even members of her party, but former House Speaker Newt Gingrich believes this bill goes far deeper than legislation to address the pandemic to something that is meant to personally serve the needs of Nancy Pelosi.


By now, everyone in the country knows Pelosi but forth a bill that has virtually no chance of ever getting through the Senate, let alone having Trump’s signature put on it.

Pelosi crafted the bill on her own, not even bothering to get Republican input.

The bill was then passed with noticeable Democrat dissent, with more than a dozen Democrats refusing to vote in favor of the bill.

One Republican voted in favor of the bill and only did so because it gets funding for his state, New York, having admitted the bill has a lot of stipulations he does not agree with at all.

Pelosi also allowed proxy voting to pass the legislation, which is a complete joke and far from how our Founding Fathers envisioned democracy playing out in our Republic.

In legislation that is supposed to address health care for COVID-19 and relief for American business owners and workers, there were a host of other programs.

Pelosi added funding for illegal immigrants, promoting more immigrant workers in the health care industry, blocking voter ID laws, taxpayer funding for abortion, aid for local and state governments, and tax breaks for the richest blue states in the country… and these are only a few of the non-CV-19 issues within the bill.

Gingrich Figured It Out

There is no way Democrats can deny this is a piece of partisan legislation, but why would Pelosi risk put something so blatantly bias on the floor?

Gingrich seems to think it is a way for Pelosi to rile up very specific parts of the Democrat base to try to get Biden into the White House.

Kind of like serving up a menu of “this is what you can have” if you put Democrats in power in all three branches of the government.

When you break it all down, it makes perfect sense and is awfully hard to dismiss.

First and foremost, at the heart of Pelosi’s plan, according to Gingrich, is that Republicans will not focus on shredding this legislation throughout the election cycle as what Dems would do if elected.

If they do not focus on this and simply vote it down in the Senate, Gingrich believes it will be a major mistake because it will have energized the Democrat base that Pelosi targeted while not upsetting enough Republicans to turn out on election day.

If successful, how would Pelosi’s plan work?

The funding for illegals and promotions of green card work visas would keep Americans out of work and the unemployment rate sky-high, holding Trump’s economy at bay.

By giving tax breaks to the richest blue states, she gives her donor base more money to contribute to key Democrat campaigns.

By giving money for abortions, she energizes lobbyists and pro-choice advocates to open up their pocketbooks and load up Democrats up and down the ballot.

By providing funds to local and state governments, she gets to dig Democrat states that have been mismanaged for decades out of the red, with California and New York being right at the top of that list, two major Democrat strongholds.

This is, as Gingrich notes, a major risk in that if Pelosi is wrong, she will have not only cost her party the White House but also quite possibly the House and Senate for the foreseeable future.

If she is right, however, Democrats sweep all three branches and put their plan into motion.

Source: Fox News

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