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GOP Mounts Aggressive ‘Real Time’ Defense of Trump during Hearings

One of the most important aspects of this hearing is for people to understand what is fact, what is fiction, what is conjecture, and what is opinion.

If someone just listened to those first two hours, they would be leading the impeachment party themselves.

The problem, though, is much of the statement and testimony gave by Taylor and Kent thus far was about 99 percent opinion or conjecture.

To combat this, the White House and the GOP are mounting a very aggressive, real-time defense of Trump to put the information they are hearing into perspective.

It’s What You Know, Not What You Think!

The thing that really bothers me during this hearing is the leading of the witnesses as well as the amount of conjecture and secondhand information that is being submitted as fact.

The majority counsel has consistently led the witness, mostly Ambassador Taylor, to the answer Democrats wanted to hear.

He has even asked Taylor on numerous occasions what he thought or his opinion of what happened.

If this were a court of law, the defense attorney would be out of his chair on virtually every one of these statements to object.

This is not a court of law, though, it is a hearing where Democrats got to lay down the ground rules.

It is, in essence, a kangaroo court where the outcome has already been determined.

Defending Trump

GOP officials, including White House officials, are on Twitter pointing all of this out in real-time to ensure Trump gets as fair a shake as is possible in these rigged hearings.

Here are just a few of the “real-time” tweets sent out during Taylor’s testimony…

What I encourage every American to do is to watch these hearings on their own.

Pay attention to the wording used by witnesses to understand if the testimony is conjecture, opinion, or fact.

“My understanding” and “my opinion” is not a fact. “A staffer overheard” is not fact, it is secondhand information.

Do NOT let the media dictate your understanding of these hearings. Do NOT allow the media to decide if something is fact or faction.

I guarantee if you listen, you will make the same determination that I have and that is that these hearings are rigged, one-sided, and the outcome has already been determined.

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