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GOP Police Reform Bill Stalled in Senate Procedural Vote

Democrats are making it nearly impossible for Republicans to get anything done in office these days.

Look no further than Senator Tim Scott’s (R-S.C.) police reform bill as proof, as Democrats blocked the legislation during a procedural vote so the House Democrat bill would get preference.

Here We Go Again

It is pretty sad that Republicans can’t ever get legislation on the floor to debate in a Senate where they have the majority.

Sadly, Republicans don’t have enough of a majority, because procedural votes require 60 votes to proceed, but Republicans only have 53 votes in hand.

To that point, when Senator Scott’s legislation was put to a procedural vote, it fell short, with only two Democrats voting in favor (55-45).

Scott was furious after the vote was held, slamming Democrats for blocking legislation simply because they don’t want Republicans to be the driving force behind any police reform changes.

He stated, “We were four [votes] short of saying yes, yes to having enough information to direct training and resources in such a way that we could hold people accountable.

“We were four votes short of saying yes to having a powerful tool of pooling resources to compel behavior on chokeholds.”

Scott further stated, “The irony of the story is today and through the rest of June and all of July, what we’re going to have here is instead of getting 70 percent or more of what you wanted, you’re going to get zero.”

Adding, “That’s not politics, that’s not a game to win, that’s ‘you lose, you will sooner or later lose,’ but immediately every kid around the nation that heard that nonsense lost in that moment.”

Scott continued to slam Democrats and Pelosi for stalling, making a point I made the other day that they want this issue to continue to create some type of leverage during the election.

Scott stated, “What’s become evident to me is [Pelosi] knows something that we all know — she knows that she can say that because the Democrats have a monopoly on the black vote.

“And no matter the return on their loyalty, and I am telling you the most loyal part of the Democrat construct are black communities, and no matter the loyalty of the people, the return they get will always continue to go down because in monopolies you start devaluing your customer.”

The End Game

Democrats will never allow a Republican reform bill to go through because they can’t afford to have their base of minority voters think Republicans have their best interests in mind.

Instead, Pelosi will put forth her own bill that will have zero chance of passing, then claim Republicans are the obstructionists when we have clearly seen it is the other way around.

Then, Democrats will use this as a way of selling their party to minorities, insinuating that the only way change will happen is if Democrats control the House, Senate, and White House.

So, once again, the minorities in this country are being used as props, only they don’t see it.

Where was this reform during the Clinton administration? What did Democrats do regarding reform with Obama and Biden in office for eight years?

They did nothing and now they want the same people that trusted them during both of those administrations to trust them again and sadly, far too many of them will.

Source: Fox News

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