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Graham Rips Pelosi for Premature Impeachment Call

Overall, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is the one politician you can depend on for honesty these days.

When Trump messes up, he calls him out.

When Trump is right, Graham supports him.

In the case of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) prematurely supporting the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump, Graham stated Pelosi has “lost control” of her party.

Graham stated, “The fact that Nancy Pelosi would argue for impeachment before she read the transcript tells me that she has lost control.”

Not Rational

As everyone knows by now, all this is over a phone call made by Trump to the newly elected president of Ukraine in late July.

During that phone call, Trump mentioned Ukraine looking into some allegations that had been made against Joe Biden and his son.

There were no threats and there was no offer of quid pro quo, but that is not how Democrats see it.

Graham stated, “Read this transcript.

“No rational person would conclude that the president noted states were threatening to cut off aid to Ukraine unless they did something against Joe Biden and his son.”

Time to Investigate Joe

While Graham defended Trump, he also realizes his long-time friend Joe Biden and his son may have done something on the shady side here.

Graham stated, “I like Joe Biden. He’s a good … friend of mine.

“I really honestly do like him. But somebody has to look at this conflict.

“And I would like somebody outside of politics.

“I’m not accusing anybody of wrongdoing.

“I’m accusing the system of losing its way here; somebody needs to look at these allegations.”

On the point of having someone outside investigate Biden, Graham could not be more correct.

Let’s be honest, if the House investigates this, it is ruled in favor of Biden.

If the Senate investigates this, it will be ruled in favor of Trump.

The problem, of course, is in finding an outside investigative team that cannot be considered partial by either side of the aisle, which will be almost impossible to do in this political climate.

Regardless, an independent counsel ruling will hold far more weight than any congressional hearing.

Source: Fox News

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