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Hannity Report: Cuomo Wasted $1.45 Billion on Pet Projects While Neglecting State Stockpiles

The constant narrative by states is that Donald Trump has failed them because the national stockpiles were not plentiful enough.

As it turns out, according to a new Sean Hannity report on Fox News, Cuomo knew his stockpiles were low from a 2015 report, yet he continued to spend more than $1 billion on pet projects rather than fill the shelves.

The National Stockpile

We know that after the H1N1 outbreak in 2009-10, our national stockpiles were drained and never replenished.

I have heard one outlet ask Biden about this, and he answered that he had nothing to do with that.

Yet, on his website, he touts the role he played for the country during the H1N1 outbreak.

Knowing this, the media has yet to challenge his answer that he had nothing to do with it.

Biden has also maintained the Obama administration repeatedly met with members of the Trump transition team and warned them, yet nobody has asked him for meeting dates, corroboration of the story, or anything else that would lead us to believe this is true.

I would also have to ask if the Obama administration was so worried about an upcoming pandemic, why did they not restore the stockpiles over six years?

Barack Obama has taken several cracks at Trump during this pandemic, but the media has failed to request an interview or directly ask him about the national stockpile.

The media has, however, finally asked Trump, and he stated when he came in, the shelves were empty, all the way around, including ammunition.

The President stated that they needed to buy ammunition, a decision people can fault him for if they want, but it is an answer, more than we have gotten from the Biden or Obama camps.

With government spending so frivolous these days, though, why did the administration still not refill the shelves with ventilators and masks? Why did Congress not demand this be done? Those answers have yet to be given, but there is another and just as important concern here.

State Stockpiles

Every state is supposed to have its stockpiles for its worst-case scenario situation based on its studies.

In the case of New York, a case study was done in 2015 called the New York State Task Force on Life and the Law (New York State Department of Health).

Within that study, it stated, “during a severe influenza pandemic, there is likely to be a projected shortfall of ventilators (-15,783) during peak demand.”

Governor Cuomo could have purchased those ventilators for 0.4 percent of his 2015-16 budget, but he did not buy a single one.

Sean Hannity wrote, “Instead of buying life-saving ventilators, Cuomo wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on failed projects, like $750 million on a failed solar panel factory, $90 million on a partnership with a California light bulb company that went nowhere, and $600 million on a computer chip factory that went bust.”

Cuomo has already been given more than 4,000 ventilators, and they were immediately placed in a warehouse rather than being sent to hospitals because Cuomo says he wants them for the “apex” of the outbreak.

He is on TV begging for ventilators every day, talking about how dire the situation is and that people will die because of a lack of ventilators, but the reality is if he had bought the ventilators he should have after that 2015 report, he would not have even needed Trump to send him the ventilators the government has.

It is a pretty safe bet that the same scenario is playing out across the country by every state crying for ventilators right now.

Illinois and Michigan had both hit the panic button before they ever became a hotspot, and my guess is this was because they knew their shelves were bare.

So, I say, if you want to investigate the Trump response, fine, but let’s also investigate the preparedness of every state in the country at the same time.

States are supposed to take measures to be prepared on their own and the national stockpile is supposed to be meant for when we exceed a worst-case scenario situation.

Sadly, it would appear as though most states were ignoring their stockpiles and our last president failed to restore the stockpiles that had been built up during the Bush administration.

Does the Trump administration have some culpability in this? Absolutely. Inheriting an empty stockpile in 2016 does not justify the shelves still being bare in 2020, but this problem started long before Donald Trump ever took office.

As stated above, while he had not started to restore the health stockpiles, Trump’s administration was refilling military stockpiles. In hindsight, everyone will disagree with him, but hindsight is always 100 percent.

If we conceded that fact, then we also need to know why the Obama administration failed to restore the stockpile as well as why Congress and State Governors allowed their stockpiles to empty without ever replenishing them.

Are we going to get those answers or are Dems ONLY going to focus on the Trump administration? I think we all know the answer to that question already.

Source: Fox News

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