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Harris Caught Blatantly Making Up Abraham Lincoln Quote and Historical Context

We all know the fact-checkers were working overtime to find problems with anything Mike Pence said during the Wednesday night debate.

The worst statement of the night, however, belonged to Democrat VP candidate Kamala Harris.

Making Up History

Harris was so happy when she got to give her little history lesson about Abraham Lincoln.

The only problem is that her account of what happened was completely fabricated.

Harris claimed that Lincoln did not nominate a Supreme Court Justice during an election season because it “was the right thing to do.”

That, however, is completely fabricated.

What actually happened was the Senate was not in session when a vacancy occurred, so he could not nominate someone until they came back in session.

As soon as the Senate resumed, Lincoln nominated Salmon P. Chase… and he was confirmed the very same day.

Lincoln also used the nomination as a carrot to lure in more support during the campaign season by the possible nominees.

So, Democrats and Biden voters… your VP candidate blatantly lied and made up history for political points.

Just curious if anyone other than the alt-media on the right will call her out for it.

My guess is that when Harris appears on “The View” again, this will not be a question on Whoopi or Behar’s cue cards.

Source: National Review

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