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Hero in al-Baghdadi Raid Revealed

As more and more details have been revealed about that raid on ISIS leader al-Baghdadi, we now know who the Delta Force operator was that took down the feared terrorist.

While we still do not have his name, this is the operator that chased al-Baghdadi deep into the cave with no recourse other than to click off his suicide vest and end his life as well as that of his three children (Correction issued by Pentagon on 10.30 that it was two children killed with al-Baghdadi)…

Dogs Are Soldiers Too

As Trump told the story of the raid, he got one fact wrong in saying none of our soldiers were wounded in the raid.

One soldier was wounded, only he walks on four legs instead of two.

Ask any soldier in special forces and they will tell you their dogs are valued just as any other member of the team.

One soldier with the Delta Force stated, “The dog is a war veteran and a valued member of the team.

“The injury to this dog is an injury to one of us.

“These dogs are a special breed of courageous.”

Chasing Down al-Baghdadi

Make no mistake about it, al-Baghdadi was caught because of the bravery of these dogs.

They were put into play very much out of fear for exactly what happened.

These dogs go into areas of great risk to protect their fellow troops for unknowns, such as a dead-end cave and a terrorist with a suicide vest.

Thankfully, in this attack, our soldiers were able to retrieve the dog and he has reportedly received treatment and is recovering from his wounds.

Source: Daily Wire

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