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Hidden Trump Video the MSM Does NOT Want You to See

Right now, the mainstream media (MSM) does everything in its power to portray Trump is a some type of monster.

The latest attack against Trump is targeting a significant portion of his loyal base… the military.

Going After Trump

The Atlantic would love us all to believe that President Trump called our Fallen in France a bunch of “suckers” and “losers.”

It does this with cowards who are afraid to go on the record.

All the while, Trump officials past and present that were in the room at the time have put their names to their denials of the incident, including John Bolton.

In fact, in Bolton’s tell-all memoir, he recounts this specific incident and never refers to Trump saying a negative word about our Fallen.

If there was ever someone that would put it out there if this were true, Bolton would be the man, so his denial shows you just how ridiculous this claim truly is.

Americans, however, should already know this.

All you need to do is watch Trump in this type of setting to know the reverence in which he holds our Fallen…

This is the Trump the MSM never wants you to see, which is exactly why we are giving you a refresher.

Source: Citizen Free Press

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