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Hillary ‘Jokingly’ Asks for Help from China to Get Trump’s Tax Returns

Hillary Clinton is back to playing dirty pool against the Trump administration.

While appearing with Rachel Maddow, Hillary put forth a scenario for the Chinese to interfere in the election at the behest of Democrats.

As Hillary was laying out the scenario, she stated, “China, if you’re listening, why don’t you get Trump’s tax returns?”

China and Russia Scenario

To be clear, do I actually think Hillary was asking the Chinese to hack the 2020 election? Absolutely not.

However, based on how Hillary herself is portraying this incident, we can 100 percent make a case that she is as well as exposing her idiocy over the statement made by Trump that started this mess.

During the campaign season, Trump was at a rally and getting his crowd riled up, as only he does.

This was happening while the government was trying to get its hands on tens of thousands of emails Hillary had scrubbed from her personal servers.

Trump, obviously joking, asked Russia to get the emails so everyone could see them.

The media immediately jumped all over this, as did Democrats, using it as proof of collusion.

Trump ONLY made the comment because of the fake news narrative regarding collusion!

Hillary and the Chinese

Now, the scenario being laid out by Hillary involved a Democrat candidate doing what Trump did, but she took it to a new level.

Hillary lays out a scenario where a candidate purposely asks for help from the Chinese as well as offering them a “reward” from the media…

Where Clinton got it right was in saying “how absurd the situation we find ourselves in.”

She is absolutely correct in that statement because only a moron would think Trump’s statement was made seriously.

It is also quite absurd that even after the Mueller report exonerated Trump on collusion, Democrats are still pushing this narrative.

But, let me take it a step further and play a little conspiracy theory here.

Is Hillary doing the work for Democrats in giving the Chinese a heads up that our election systems are still vulnerable?

Is she saving the Democrat candidates the trouble of having to appeal to China?

Let’s take it another step forward and say IF the Chinese do hack the IRS and get their hands on Trump’s tax returns, can we then hold Hillary accountable since she clearly encouraged them do so with Maddow’s actually asking them for their help?

Present that to a Democrat that is in office and they will tell you that you are out of your mind and the entire scenario is absurd.

Then remind them that is absolutely what they are continuing to use to argue Trump colluded with Russia.

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