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Hillary Offers Stunning Warning to Democrats for 2020 Election

Hillary Clinton has never been able to accept the fact that although she won the popular vote in 2020, she did NOT win the election.

Now, Hillary is warning her party to not make the same mistake and ensure the party elects someone that can capture the electoral vote.

Lessons Learned

For most of the last two years, Hillary has been telling anyone that will listen that she deserved to be in the White House.

She is not just referencing Russian interference, either, but rather the popular vote.

Even though our Constitution lays out the electoral college process, Hillary thinks that winning the popular vote should have handed her the presidency.

While I am sure it pains her to admit it, she is now hoping her party will not make the same mistake twice.

Hillary stated, “We have to hope that whoever ends up being nominated can win the Electoral College.”

The message Hillary is trying to send without actually saying it is that unless the Democrat Party nominates a more moderate candidate, he or she will have no chance of beating Trump in the general election.

Forget the Polls

We learned very quickly that public polls mean nothing when it comes to our presidential election.

The fact of the matter is that certain states will vote one way and other states will vote the opposite.

This election will be won or lost on battleground states.

Hillary ignored the voters in some of these states and it was her downfall, turning all of those votes from New York and California mute.

You see, our Founding Fathers created the electoral college specifically to prevent one or two states from deciding the outcome of the election.

The only polls that really matter right now are the polls being conducted specifically in these battleground states, and right now, Trump has the lead.

This impeachment could go either way, depending on whether or not anyone dares to dig up the dirt that is out there on Joe Biden.

If that happens, Joe Biden is done, I have no doubt about that.

Emails from February 2016 (one month before Biden traveled to Ukraine) revealed by John Solomon prove the State Department was not only aware of the corruption allegations against Burisma but that they also knew of Biden Hunter’s role with the company.

If the State Department knew about it, then Joe Biden knew about it, which makes him a liar at best and corrupt politician at worst (or best, if you are a conservative).

Hillary makes it pretty clear that only a moderate candidate can win the electoral and Joe Biden is the only frontrunner that even comes close to fitting that description, but even that is debatable.

Democrat leadership is already pushing back against Warren, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stating that she was not a “big fan” of the Medicare-for-All proposal.

She stated, “I think that the affordable care benefits is better than the Medicare benefit but we have invited advocates for it to testify in Congress … being respectful of the point of view.

“But it is expensive. Who pays is very important and what are the benefits that come in there?

“So, I would think that hopefully, as we emerge into the election year, the mantra will be more ‘health care for all Americans’ because there is a comfort level that some people have with their current private insurance.”

Even the media is making fun of Warren’s $52 trillion Medicare-for-All plan, and she has been treated with kid gloves to this point.

I think Hillary actually got this one right, but I also happen to think the Democrat party does not have a candidate right now that fits that bill.

I am not saying it is going to be easy, but as it stands today, Trump should win this election as long as we can get him through this impeachment hearing and prove the real corruption lies with Joe Biden.

That task, however, may lie with We the People because I simply don’t see the mainstream media exposing this unless their hand is forced.

Source: Fox News

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