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Hillary Running Scared – Backs Out of Appearance with Tulsi Gabbard

Hillary made some cowardly accusations against Tulsi Gabbard but did not have the guts to actually name her.

Now, Hillary has made an even more cowardly move by pulling out of an event where both she and Tulsi Gabbard were scheduled to appear.

The Accusation

Several days ago, Hillary Clinton accused Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset.

Hillary did not have the guts to directly name Gabbard, mind you, but everyone knows exactly who she was speaking about when she made the accusations.

Gabbard was furious and immediately issued a statement on the absurd accusations being made by Hillary.

Then, several Democrat candidates also rallied behind Tulsi to show their support.

The accusations were so ludicrous, in fact, that many on the right also defended Gabbard as these accusations were eerily reminiscent of the claims made by Hillary against Trump during the 2016 election.

Backing Out

If Hillary had any convictions about her statements, she would not be afraid to face Tulsi Gabbard in person, right?

Well, that is not exactly the route Hillary chose to take in all of this.

Both Hillary and Tulsi Gabbard were scheduled to speak at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit, but the speaker list just changed.

Not long after the backlash started over her comments, Hillary decided to pull out of the summit and has all but disappeared from the public eye.

Now, if Trump had made such an accusation, the media would be camped out on his doorstep looking for a quote and proof of the accusations.

Snopes would surely have jumped all over the story and given it a big FALSE rating.

However, this is Hillary, so nobody is saying a word and Hillary Clinton is too much of a coward to face either Tulsi Gabbard or the media.

The fact that she pulled out of this summit rather than face Tulsi in person proves just how much of a coward Hillary Clinton really is.

Source: Fox News

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