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Hillary State Department Employee Convicted in Chinese Spy Case

As Democrats continue to rail about the Trump campaign and Russian collusion, it is the Obama administration that is proving be corrupt.

On Tuesday, former Hillary Clinton State Department employee Candace Claiborne was sentenced to more than three years in prison and a $40,000 fine.

Claiborne was convicted of accepting thousands of dollars in bribes from Chinese intelligence officers in the form of cash and gifts.

Grave Offense

Just the other day, Joe Biden stated things like this would never happen on his watch and did not happen when he and Obama were in the White House.

Hate to break the news to you Joe, but they did happen.

Judge Rudolph Moss called Claiborne’s crime “a truly great offense, a betrayal of her employer and a betrayal to her country.”

Claiborne held a top-secret security clearance in Hillary’s State Department.

Her career started in 1999 when she was hired as an Office Management Specialist.

She has served in numerous stations around the world, including Beijing and Shanghai.

To her credit, Claiborne did not try to hide or make excuses for her misdeeds.

She stated, “This is not what I had envisioned for my life… I still don’t know how I lost myself.

“I lost my job, reputation and the trust of the government.

“I made a terrible mistake and now I’m paying the price.”

While her offenses occurred over the course of about five years, prosecutors showed examples of her conduct from 2011, right in the middle of Hillary’s term as Secretary of State.

In exchange for economic strategies and information about visiting dignitaries, Claiborne received “cash, meals, tuition payments for a Chinese fashion school, vacations, a furnished apartment, a laptop, a phone, and a monthly stipend,” according to the Fox News report.

The bribes were paid directly to Claiborne as well as to some of her family members.

Luckily for Claiborne, none of the information she is reported to have shared was classified, or the judge stated she would have been spending the next decade in jail, at least.

So, as it turns out, the administration that did not have a whisper of a scandal is hit with yet another scandal, this one a rat spying for the Chinese.

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