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House Dems Launch Another Trump Investigation

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and his hit squad on the House Judiciary Committee are at it again.

Fresh from their break, the House Judiciary Committee announced it is launching a probe into the hush payments paid out by Trump prior to the 2016 election.

Keep Attacking

By now, everyone knows the story and claims made by Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels.

Payments were arranged to be made to both women by Trump’s former attorney.

While President Trump has denied having had affairs with these women, the payments were allegedly made to keep the women silent so as not to cause any negative headlines during the election season.

It should be noted, New York prosecutors have already investigated this and did not bring charges against Trump.

This is important to know because the investigators were frothing at the mouth at the opportunity to go after Trump but still did not prosecute.

Just as they are doing with the collusion angle, Democrats are ignoring that investigation (as they did with the Mueller report) and are moving forward with investigating Trump on this front.

So, rather than focus on the real issues this country is facing, Democrats are going to waste even more money opening up another pointless investigation into Trump.

2020 More Important Than Ever

While Congress was on break, We the People were given a break from their constant calls of impeachment and news about this investigation or that investigation into Trump.

Congress has been back in session less than a week, and this is already dominating the headlines again.

It has become painfully clear that with Democrats in charge and Trump in office, our government is not going to accomplish anything meaningful.

With such a thin edge in the Senate and a significant amount of Republican lawmakers retiring, this election is even more critical than the 2016 election.

If Democrats are able to hold the House, win the Senate, and defeat Trump, our country will never be the same again.

There will be absolutely no obstacles in the way of Democrats implementing their far-left agenda and starting the United States down the socialist path.

Source: Fox News

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