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House Republican Confirms Greatest Fears on Immigration

I was very critical of Trump on backing off the mass deportation plan not because it was delayed, but specifically for the reason he gave, which was to give Democrats more time.

That concern was given vindication by Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL), who stated, “We have had a Congress where Democrats have absolutely stalled on doing anything as it relates to the crisis on the border.”

Canceling ICE Raids

On Friday, a Washington Post story broke about the planned ICE raids.

On Saturday, President Trump announced he was delaying the deportation raids at the request of Democrats to give them two additional weeks to get legislation together.

Had Trump stated he wanted to cancel the raids because of the leak and to keep our agents safe, that would have been perfectly fine, but that is not what he said.

The reason I was so tough on him is that Democrats have refused to work with him in any way, shape, or form on this issue.

What are two more weeks going to buy him?

If I am wrong and Democrats come to the table, I will be the first one to issue the man an apology, but I don’t see that happening.

In fact, President Trump himself doesn’t believe it will happen…

I stated Dems did this to politically hurt Trump, and I believe they were effective in doing that in that a large part of his base is furious he granted that request to the Dems.

Blocking Legislation

According to Rep. Steube, Democrats have not even hinted they are ready to work with Republicans on this matter with open minds.

He stated, “I sit on the immigration subcommittee on [the House Judiciary Committee] — they’ve done nothing as it relates to fixing this problem.

“And, we as Republicans are fighting to do it. We have bills filed but they’re not wanting to move anything forward.”

He later added, “The president certainly is willing to make a deal.

“Look at the things that he offered.

“I mean, he’s willing to go a lot farther than the probably more conservative members of the House are willing to go to get a deal.

“I think with the president’s leadership on this, hopefully, we can get something done.

“But, all the Democrats are doing is stalling and doing nothing on this issue right now while hundreds of thousands of people every month are coming illegally into our country.”

I am also very much concerned about the bill in the Senate for humanitarian aid that is about to hit the floor.

Within that bill is poison pill by Democrats that prohibits funds from being reallocated from other departments for the construction of a border wall.

Republicans are not even talking about this because Democrats got over on them.

However, when it comes time for Trump to reallocate Pentagon funds or other funds, he will no longer be able to do so because of that law.

We are getting our legs cut out from underneath us and everyone is completely blind to the situation out of fierce loyalty to Trump.

You can be loyal and still demand accountability, which is what I am doing here.

I have fully supported Trump throughout this presidency, but I firmly believe this was a huge error in judgment.

Nobody is perfect and this case, there is a huge misstep being made and if Trump signs that humanitarian aid legislation, he will end just about any chance he has of getting the border wall funded during his first term.

Source: Fox News

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