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Howard Stern Regrets ‘Helping’ Trump Get Elected

Howard Stern’s hubris is getting the best of him these days.

Stern mistakenly believes he helped Trump get elected, but also stated that he wished he had helped Hillary instead.

Making Trump Human

Prior to running for president, Donald Trump appeared on Howard Stern and gave some epic interviews.

Nobody is denying that.

As Stern admitted, when Trump did an interview before becoming a presidential candidate, he was an “open book.”

If Trump thought something would get a great reaction, he would say it, whether it was true or not, whether it was outrageous or not.

It was all about entertainment and building his brand.

Stern contends he made Trump look more human, thereby giving him an edge over Hillary, who Stern stated everyone thought was rather stuffy.

He believes if he had Hillary on, she could have become more human to voters and could have possibly won the election.

Stern also stuck up for Trump over quotes taken out of context from those interviews and said he felt Trump was treated “unfairly” in that aspect.

So, Howard, if those quotes hurt him during the election, tell me again how you helped him?

What Really Got Trump Elected

In reality, Howard Stern had nothing at all do with Trump winning the 2016 presidential election.

As Trump stated during the election, he created a movement, and Howard Stern had absolutely nothing at all to do with that.

There were niche websites put up that tapped into the emotion of the moment specifically to help President Trump.

These were not websites by media outlets but rather by regular Americans like you and I that simply wanted to make sure Americans knew the truth and to help Trump.

Trump was elected because he spoke frankly and was not worried about political correctness.

Trump won because he was able to get disenfranchised voters enthusiastic about American politics again.

He tapped into the issues that actually concerned Americans and vowed to do his best to fix these problems if elected to be President.

Sorry Mr. Stern, but you had absolutely nothing at all to do with Trump being elected and by now stating you wished it had been Hillary, you probably just lost half your audience.

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