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Howard Stern to Trump Supporters: ‘take disinfectant and all drop dead’

Shock jock Howard Stern has been diving into politics more and more since Trump became President.

While it is probably a stretch to call the two men friends, they had a casual relationship, with Trump appearing on Stern from time to time.

After Stern’s latest comments, whatever friendship they had is now likely gone, though, as well as Stern’s listeners that are Trump supporters.

Just Drop Dead

Stern is among those that twisted President Trump’s comments last Thursday to portray them as a suggestion for a treatment for COVID-19 as well as using them to portray a man that is simply losing his mind.

Rather than paraphrase and leave anything open to debate, here is the back-and-forth between Stern and Robin Quivers during the show…

Stern: “Boy, oh boy, I got to tell my buddy Donald Trump, Jesus Christ resign from the presidency. Do the world a favor. You don’t want to be president.

“Go work at Mar-a-Lago. Have a nice rest of your life. This guy is out of his f-cking mind. I don’t know what Donald is doing. I mean, when he holds a press conference, it’s like you go oh f-ck.

“I don’t know what to say what’s going on with Donald. I mean, these statements are idiotic.

“Hey, I have this idea. Maybe since Clorox works on surfaces, couldn’t they just pour Clorox into you’re a$$hole.

“I would love it if Donald would get on TV and take an injection of Clorox and let’s see if his theory works. Let him, volunteer.

“Or hold a big rally, say f-ck this coronavirus, with all of his followers, and let them hug each other and kiss each other and have a big, big rally.”

Quivers: “A big cocktail of disinfectant.”

Stern: “Yeah, and all take disinfectant and all drop dead.

“It’s an embarrassment. And then the bigger embarrassment is the insult to my intelligence where he goes ‘I was being sarcastic.’ There was no sarcasm.

“And if he was being sarcastic, that is even worse people are dying. This is no time for sarcasm.”

Now, I know Stern’s job is to shock and entertain people but as a member of the media, it is also his job to be responsible during a time of crisis.

His words here do nothing more than spread a narrative that is simply not true.

Too much? Not a problem? Only his listeners can decide but I know where I stand, and it surely is not with Howard Stern.

Source: Breitbart

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