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Hundreds Die in Iran After Taking Bogus Coronavirus Cure

Fake remedies and misinformation are running rampant surrounding the coronavirus.

In Iran, methanol was being touted as a possible cure, and now more than 300 are dead and roughly 1,000 sick after consuming the liquid.

Bootleggers Dream

Alcohol itself is banned in the country, being an Islamic nation.

That, however, does not prevent the illegal sale of alcohol in the country.

Bootleggers, however, have taken it up a notch, and are selling industrial alcohol as a magic cure for the coronavirus.

Dr. Hossein Hassanian, stated, “Other countries have only one problem, which is the new coronavirus pandemic.

“We have to both cure the people with the alcohol poisoning and also fight the coronavirus.”

He added, “Unfortunately in some provinces, including Khuzestan and Fars, deaths from drinking methanol has exceeded the number of deaths by the new coronavirus.”

Under-reporting Cases

Currently, Iran has reported 29,000 or so confirmed cases and more than 2,200 deaths.

While this is the highest total among all countries in the Middle East, many believe the country is severely misstating the actual severity of the virus in the country.

When you look at the numbers here in the United States compared to China, where the virus originated, it seems pretty clear either China was not doing an abundance of testing or their numbers were considerably skewed.

It would not be surprising to see that Iran was doing the same to mislead its people.

Source: Fox News

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