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ICE to Release Nearly 700 Illegal Immigrants Over Coronavirus Concerns

In a rather baffling move, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is about to release detainees.

On Tuesday, a report broke that ICE was about to release 693 detainees over concerns related to the coronavirus.

Releasing Those Most Vulnerable

Acting Deputy Homeland Security Director Ken Cuccinelli stated, “As a special response to this particular crisis, ICE has instructed its field offices to further assess for the purpose of considering releases of certain individuals deemed to be at greater risk of exposure.”

According to the report, the first round of these detainees has already been released.

That is believed to have consisted mostly of individuals over the age of 60 and pregnant women.

Cuccinelli stated, “ICE continues to reevaluate all individuals in custody who make up vulnerable populations and they’ve been modifying practices based on recommendations of the CDC.”

This is only a small percentage of the roughly 34,000 detainees currently in the custody of ICE, but some will say it is already too many.

Democrats, however, would prefer to see more released, using the coronavirus as a way to promote blanket amnesty for all illegals in the country right now.

Is This Safe?

The first question that must be asked is how safe it is to release those most susceptible to the virus into the general public?

According to Cuccinelli, anyone that was exposed has already been quarantined for the duration of the incubation period.

That, however, will not put most minds at ease.

I would bring up the same point I brought up about prisoners being released in that you are setting free the individuals most likely to get the virus without jobs or a place to live.

Just how is releasing these individuals into the public keeping the rest of this country safe?

Source: Fox News

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