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Iowa Democrat Voter Loses Her Mind Over Buttigieg Being Gay

Apparently, there was at least one Iowa Democrat that had no idea Pete Buttigieg was gay.

After handing in her card during the caucus, she found out, and she was not happy…

Educating Voters

That video points to so many problems in our country regarding voters and how they educate themselves about their candidates.

The fact that Buttigieg is gay and married to another man has been plastered all over the place since Buttigieg announced his candidacy.

The fact this woman was voting for Buttigieg and did not know Buttigieg is gay is shameful.

The fact she said this just shows her own ignorance in terms of researching her candidates.

While I would not expect people to know every fact about every candidate, how did this woman not know Buttigieg was gay?

This, of course, does not even touch on her outrage over him being gay.

Aren’t Democrats supposed to be the party of inclusion that welcomes gays and everyone else in the LGBTQ movement?

Liberals would love everyone in the country to believe it is conservatives that are against this lifestyle, yet here in one of their own actually wanting to cancel her vote after finding out Buttigieg is gay.

About That Caucus

So, here we are two days later, and we still have no idea who the overall winner of the Iowa caucus is going to be, although it looks like Buttigieg should be able to hold on.

That he is expected to win the state outright is a landmark moment for Democrats and the gay community, yet it was robbed from him due to the incompetence of the Democrat party.

There is an underlying theme here that is getting missed by most, and that is that this delay helps hide the fact that Joe Biden absolutely tanked in the state.

I predicted he would probably come in fourth or fifth, which is where he currently is, but I don’t think anyone expected him to get shut out completely, and that is a very real possibility at this point.

Point being, had the voters been counted and reported on time, Biden would have been shamed, instead, he got to take the stage and save face.

Iowa, for all intents and purposes, is yesterday’s news and Biden gets to sidestep what is a massive blow to his campaign.

Source: NBC News

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