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Is Joe Biden Panicking? Desperate Email Sent to Supporters as Campaign Funds Run Low

Joe Biden is almost out of money and his campaign is beginning to hit the panic button.

After a massive spending spree, Biden reportedly only has $9 million left in his war chest, about 30 percent of what the other leading candidates have available to spend.

As the campaign is reportedly spending at a 112 percent rate, Biden sent out a campaign letter begging his supporters for more money.

The letter closed, “We can’t afford to fall behind, so I’m asking you to step up now and make a donation to fuel our campaign.”

Falling Way Behind

Biden is not in danger of falling behind because he is already there.

According to most recent reports, Biden’s campaign has spent 12 percent more than it has taken in over the most recent months.

That is far more than his closest competitor, Elizbeth Warren, who is operating at a 76 “burn,” or spending only 76 percent of the money at the pace it is being donated.

Warren reportedly has just shy of $26 million in her war chest and Bernie Sanders still has almost $34 million remaining.

Not Just Money Problems

While Bernie Sanders has always been considered a frontrunner, he has never been able to energize anyone other than his base.

It seems as though his supporters send him $50 every time they get paid but even though Bernie regularly leads all candidates in fundraising, his numbers never seem to improve in the polls.

Warren, however, is a different story entirely.

While she was once a bottom-dweller, some polls now have her ahead of Biden outside the margin of error.

Remember, Biden had 40 percent support before he even announced and now he is trailing Warren by several points.

There have been a lot of questions raised about Biden, with the most damage being done by his own son, Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden can send out all the letters he wants but unless he gets a major injection of cash soon, his campaign is going to be over.

Source: Fox News

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