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ISIS Caliphate Crumbled – Last Stronghold Has Been Liberated

On Wednesday, President Trump made a prediction ISIS would be eliminated when a new day came.

That prediction came true, as Fox News is now reporting the last major stronghold for ISIS, Baghouz, Syria, has been liberated.

Prolonged Attack

For days now, airstrikes have been conducted against ISIS in Syria.

The attacks were meant to soften ISIS fighters for ground forces to come in and clean up the mess.

As you can see in the video below, ISIS flags are being removed and the influence of ISIS is finally over…

Attacking from All Sides

The plan here seemed to clear.

Bomb the hell out of the fighters, then attack them from all sides so there was no escape route possible.

The plan appeared to work perfectly, as U.S.-backed SDF forces used the Euphrates as a strangle point while attacking them from the other three sides.

They literally went from house to house, from tent to tent, until they were crushed.

Most of the fighters that remained alive after the onslaught reportedly surrendered.

However, there were a few that scattered, with local forces in pursuit.

They will continue to search out those that ran until they are all dead or captured.

Leaders Still Remain at Large

While the United States has been very good about removing the heads of the ISIS forces, there are still obviously new leaders in place.

However, most of these leaders fled long before the stronghold was taken.

They simply abandoned their men and looked for safety, clearly expecting the area to fall.

Now, the question lingering is how many U.S. forces will remain for the cleanup.

While Trump has been adamant he wants to bring everyone home, early reports have stated that as many as 1,000 of our soldiers will remain in place.

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