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It’s Official… Trump Acquitted in Senate

The coup has finally been shut down… for now.

Just moments ago, the Senate vote was cast, and President Donald J. Trump has been acquitted on both articles of Impeachment

Bitter-Sweet Win

The vote almost went down as expected, but there were several surprises that Dems will use to keep this fire burning.

On the first article for abuse of power, the vote was 52-48, with Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) crossing over party lines, the first Senator to have ever done so in a Senate impeachment vote.

On the second article for obstruction of justice, the vote was along party lines at 53-47.

The surprising aspect of the vote was that neither Senator Gillibrand (D-AZ) or Senator Manchin (D-W.V.) crossed over the party lines.

I personally thought at least one of them would vote to acquit, but the only person that crossed over was a Republican.

Even though they lost their case, this is going to continue to fuel the fire for Democrats.

The sad fact is that Democrats will continue to try to impeach Trump and House Democrats already have more investigations in the works that will eventually lead down that path.

I fully expect Dems to take another run at Trump before the election, with the question being if Pelosi will allow another circus to take place.

Closing Words

Senator McConnell (R-KY) was exceptional in his closing, hitting some very solid points just prior to the vote taking place.

He stated, “We simply cannot let factional fever break our institution.

“The institutions must break the fever, rather than the other way around. The founders built the Senate to prevent temporary rage from doing permanent damage to our republic.”

For now, this is over, but do not rest on your laurels, patriots.

We need to take the House back and hold the Senate or we are going to live through this nightmare for the next five years.

Source: Politico

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