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Jimmy Carter in Hospital After Bad Fall, Operation

Jimmy Carter is currently the oldest former president alive, so any health problems make headlines.

Carter, who is 94-years-old, gave everyone a scare this week when he took a tumble heading out for a hunt.

The former president reportedly broke his hip and underwent successful surgery later that day.

Missing His Limit

The fall occurred early Monday morning as Carter was leaving for a turkey hunt.

Carter, who is an avid gun collector and hunter, underwent surgery later that day and seemed to be in good spirits.

While the nation was awaiting an update on his health, Carter seemed a bit more interested in whether or not Georgia would give him a presidential exception for missing his turkey limit this season.

In Georgia, the limit is currently three, and being in the hospital recovering from the operation, Carter will obviously not add to his total.

Some liberal groups, however, like PETA, were more worried about Carter hunting and the fact he is an avid gun owner.

Not so shockingly, Carter took just as many shots on social media as he got well-wishes for those maniacs.

Recent Health Scares

Carter counts his blessings for every day, as he had a very serious health scare back in 2015.

He was diagnosed with melanoma and cancer reportedly spread to his brain.

He underwent aggressive radiation treatment and ended coming out on the other side of treatments cancer-free.

Carter waited to get in front of his Sunday School Class at Maranatha Baptist Church to reveal the good news.

Even during those times, though, Carter was at ease with whatever happened and counted his blessings for every day he has left on this earth.

At the time, Carter stated, “I’ve had a wonderful life.

“I’ve had thousands of friends, I’ve had an exciting, adventurous gratifying existence.”

Even though we have never agreed with his politics, we definitely wish the former president a speedy recovery and many more days.

Rest up and get well, Mr. Carter.

We expect to see you back out there with your rifle in hand next turkey season.

Source: Metro

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