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Joe Biden Asked About National Stockpiles, Denies Being Involved

Someone finally put Joe Biden on the spot regarding the failure of the Obama administration to restock national stockpiles.

Even though his website touts his involvement in the Obama administration’s response to the H1N1 outbreak, he stated, “I wasn’t part of it.”

Funny How That Works

The amount of slack the mainstream media is giving Joe Biden is rather remarkable.

The White House press corps asks Trump the same questions day in and day out, hoping to get him to slip up for just a second so they can go after him.

Joe Biden, however, had dodged the failure of his administration on refilling our national stockpiles.

Well, he did until a recent interview on CNN when Anderson Cooper asked him about it.

Then, he just denied having anything to do with it and dodged the question.

Of course. Cooper let him right off the hook…

Another Lie Exposed

So, if you listened to that clip, you heard Biden say, “I wasn’t part of it” regarding the administration’s response and aftermath of the H1N1 epidemic.

Yet, his website says otherwise.

Now, this is taken directly from Joe Biden’s website (you can see the full text on the website, click here):

“He helped lead the Obama-Biden Administration’s effective response to the 2009 H1N1 pandemic and the 2014 Ebola epidemic. Biden also helped lead the response to the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression and ran point on implementation of the Recovery Act.”

His website further states, “And, even as we respond to this crisis, we must prepare for the next one. As President, Biden will establish and manage a permanent, professional, sufficiently resourced public health and first responder system that protects the American people by scaling up biomedical research, deploying rapid testing capacity, ensuring robust nationwide disease surveillance, sustaining a first class public health and first responder workforce, establishing a flexible emergency budgeting authority, and mobilizing the world to ensure greater sustained preparedness for future pandemics.”

Part of the response of the H1N1 should have been to restore the stockpiles, which never happened.

We know for a fact that roughly 100 million N95 masks were used and never restocked, but Biden just avoids the question and tries to put it all off on Trump… and the media is allowing him to get away with it!

Biden has slammed Trump’s response at every point and he even called him a xenophobe when it closed down travel from China but again, the media refuses to call him out over these measures.

Sadly, the only way Americans will know the truth is for We the People to get the word on this, so share, show, and tell people so this fraud never sets foot in the White House again!

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