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Joe Biden Makes Bold Prediction for the South

The promise to cure cancer, as it turns out, was just small potatoes for Joe Biden.

Now Biden is predicting he will actually carry the South in the presidential election.

Daunting Predictions

It is still hard to comprehend what was going through Biden’s mind when he promised to cure cancer if he becomes president.

We know he had a hard time with his son Beau, but to try to pull on those heartstrings is simply unforgivable regardless of the tragedy of his own family.

However, that was not just a one-off from Biden.

Biden apparently plans on tailoring his bold predictions for different areas of the country.

In an effort to get voters energized, Biden stated, “I plan on campaigning in the South.

“I plan on – if I’m your nominee – winning Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, believe it or not.”

Biden went on to say, “I believe we can win Texas and Florida, if you look at the polling data now.”

I can honestly say, if Biden wins Texas, I will never step foot in the state again.

It would just be heartbreaking to think our glorious state has turned blue.

History Says NO WAY

While Biden is feeling his oats, his prediction will be very hard to fulfill.

Here are just a few facts to realize just how outrageous Biden is being with this prediction.

South Carolina has not gone to a Democrat since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Carter, of course, had the advantage of being a southern boy, while Biden is a tried and true Yankee.

Georgia has not gone blue since Bill Clinton in 1992 but again, Clinton had ties to the south due to his time in Arkansas.

While Obama did win North Carolina in 2008, that was the first time it had been done since 1968.

The last time a Democrat won the great state of Texas, it was once again Jimmy Carter in 1976.

If there was ever a state in the union that had red painted all over it, it is Texas.

The one state where Biden has a fighting chance is the battleground state of Florida.

However, Trump carried Florida in 2016 and the state currently has a strong Republican governor in place.

If DeSantis is delivering for his people, it is hard to imagine Biden leaving the state with the electoral votes.

We all know where the polls lie right now, but it is very early and Trump has yet to really campaign hard.

Democrats are getting the word out and getting ready to face off against each other, which means all of their polling numbers will start to go backward.

Once the Trump campaign narrows down the field and Trump starts his rally tour, you better bet your bottom dollar the polls will flip and there is simply no way Biden will be able to deliver on his promise to carry the South.

That would also mean he would not become president, so I guess he will keep the cure for cancer in his back pocket.

Source: Fox News

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