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Joe Biden Makes Far-Left Lunge on Immigration

The war against our Border Patrol facilities was started by members of The Squad, but it has been picked up by virtually every Democrat presidential candidate.

Now, even Joe Biden is falling in line, telling voters he will close them if he is elected as well as stating that he doesn’t even think we need them.

Far Left Taking Over the Party

During an appearance in South Carolina, Joe Biden was asked directly what he would do about migrant detention centers.

He responded, “Close them down.

“By the way, we don’t need them.”

Biden went on to say that when he was in office, immigration was brought under control.

He further stated that when they set hearing dates, immigrants showed up for them, so there is no need to hold people in detention centers.

According to the Department of Justice, roughly 10 percent of asylum seekers never show up for their court hearings.

Considering the number of immigrants that come across the border every month, that would mean that roughly one million illegals are not showing up for their hearings and more than likely living illegally here in the United States.

If there is no threat of detention for crossing the border illegally, that figure will surely grow significantly.

Biden Walks It Back

As word traveled on Biden’s new far-left stance, his campaign immediately tried to do damage control and walk back his comments.

In the process of walking back his comments, the campaign also blatantly lied about current immigration policy.

The campaign stated, “Like Joe Biden said when he launched his campaign and has repeated many times, we are in a battle for the soul of this nation.

“Donald Trump’s treatment of immigrants—separating families, putting children in cages while depriving them of basic human needs, and constantly depicting them as the ‘other’ is an appalling violating of our most deeply-held values as Americans.”

“As president, Joe Biden would abolish for-profit detention centers and immediately end Trump’s family separation policy.”

One, that is not what Joe Biden said. He did not state for-profit detention centers when he was speaking.

Secondly, family separation is NOT a Donald Trump policy.

That policy was created during the George W. Bush presidency. It was widely ignored during the Obama administration, but the Trump administration chose to enforce the policy as a way to deter mass illegal immigration to this country.

The media cannot allow Biden to say whatever he wants at these rallies then casually walk back his comments while spouting more untruths.

If they are going to do daily fact checks on Trump, they should be doing them on every candidate, including Joe Biden.

Source: Fox News

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