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Joe Biden Misrepresents Record on Campaign Trail… AGAIN!

Over the weekend, Joe Biden was in South Carolina speaking to a largely minority group and he flat out lied to them.

Biden was discussing the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, of which Biden originally wrote.

He stated his role in that legislation had been “grossly misrepresented.”

Biden further stated, “I didn’t support more money to build state prisons.

“I was against it.

“We should be building rehab centers and not prisons.”

Sadly, virtually every word out of his mouth was a lie.

Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act

The aforementioned legislation was passed into law in 1994 during the Bill Clinton administration.

The legislation itself is widely credited as being the main culprit behind the mass incarceration of minority Americans.

This was during the same time when Hillary Clinton was quoted as referring to minority criminals as animals.

Biden himself was rather outspoken about the criminal element in our country at the time, and I assure you those videos are nothing Biden wants out in public right now.

That legislation called for billions of dollars to be spent to build more federal prisons.

While Biden did not want to spend as much as Republicans at the time, he was calling for billions in funding to be used for new prisons.

At the time, Biden stated, “We built prisons to keep pace with the number of federal prisoners” and that “states have fallen behind.”

He further stated, “They have too few cops, too few prison cells, too few programs to help our children avoid crime.”

One version of the bill called for $10 billion for new prisons.

In response to the added funding, Biden stated, “I don’t want that money. And I like the figure that I wrote in my bills: $6 billion.”

Caught Lying Again

Biden clearly knew what he was saying and he was purposely misrepresenting his own legislation and statements at the time.

When Biden was called out on it, his campaign did not deny the funding he requested for building new prisons.

However, the campaign stated the “more money” he was referring to was the additional $4 billion requested in a revised version of his original bill.

This was a blatant deception by Biden who is twisting his own words to suit a narrative to pander to minority voters.

Also of note here is the fact Biden’s campaign skipped right over the fact that in 1998, four years after that legislation passed, his office touted the fact Delaware had been allocated an additional $2.6 million for a prison expansion project in his home state.

The press release statement read, “Delaware’s prison system is bursting at the seams, housing two thousand more inmates than it was designed to hold.

“Our prisons are so overcrowded that we have literally begun to house inmates in other states.

“The good news is that clearly we are getting tough on crime, putting violent criminals where they belong — behind bars.”

So, once again, we have caught Joe Biden in another lie and now he is trying to cover his tracks with more lies and deceit.

We will continue to expose this man for the fraud that he is until he drops out of this presidential race.

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Source: CNN / Biden.Senate.Gov

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