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Joe Biden on Life Support After Second Disastrous Showing

I am not going to go so far as saying Joe Biden’s campaign is over, but he is in a world of hurt and in for the longest two weeks of his political life.

After a bad showing in Iowa, landing only a handful of delegates, Joe Biden got completely shut out in New Hampshire.

Not only did Biden get shutout, but he also finished in fifth place behind both Klobuchar and Warren.

Taking My Ball and Going Home

Biden must have seen the early exit polls on Tuesday because he was out of New Hampshire before the sun even got warm.

Rather than stay to see the election results and have a party for his New Hampshire campaign staff, a story broke around noon that Biden had packed his bags and he was headed to South Carolina to work his ground game.

After Iowa, Biden headed to New Hampshire and told its voters that just because he lost Iowa did not mean he could not win in key states like South Carolina… probably not that the New Hampshire faithful wanted to hear.

He also hurt his case by calling a young, female student a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

The young lady did not take kindly to being called a liar and social media blew up over the “dog-faced” aspect of that comment.

Tuesday night, Biden did a little repeat, telling supporters in South Carolina this was no big deal.

He stated, “It is important that Iowa and [New Hampshire] have spoken, but, look, we need to hear from Nevada and South Carolina and Super Tuesday and beyond.”

To be honest, Biden should fair much better in both South Carolina and Nevada, but this poor showing has shaken his campaign and unless he comes out the winner in both of these states in convincing fashion, landing the lion’s share of delegates, he is going to have a big problem on Super Tuesday and beyond.

The good and bad news for Biden, though, is that he has 10 days until the next primary.

It is good in that he can try to recover on the ground but it is bad in that he has 10 more days of possible gaffes and answering questions by the media as to his tanking in the first two states of the primary election season.

Other Election Notes

Even though Buttigieg and Sanders won the night, again, I think the real winner in all of this was Amy Klobuchar, who could present a real problem for Sanders and Biden moving forward.

Finally out of the Senate from the impeachment and able to campaign full time, she has made up serious ground and finished a solid third in New Hampshire.

On the flip side is Warren, who finished in fourth but got shut out of delegates.

She and Biden might do well to start splitting some travel costs because both of their campaigns are fizzling at this point.

As far as Buttigieg goes, even though he is neck-and-neck with Sanders right now, that will quickly end when he gets to more diverse states, as he continues to fail to get any grip at all with minorities, where both Biden and Sanders dominate right now.

So, we are not going to call the coroner for Biden’s campaign just yet, but he is in trouble and SPN has a major hit piece coming out on him this week, which will hopefully just crush him heading into the Nevada Caucus on the 22nd and the South Carolina Primary on the 29th.

Source: Fox News

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